Energy Exchange Program

The Energy Exchange Program is open to students 16 years of age and older who would like to trade their time for a course. As part of the Energy Exchange Program, students will be asked to work 3 hours each week doing maintenance work and cleaning. In exchange for the hours of cleaning, you are welcome to take one course, in the same term, for free. We ask that you commit to cleaning for 12 weeks (Fall and Winter Terms) or 10 weeks (Spring Term); beginning the week before the course starts and ending the week after classes are over. The cleaning shifts may be either 3 hours one day a week or two 1.5 hour shifts. We expect you stick to the schedule that we establish. If for any reason you have to miss a shift, you are expected to make it up at another time during the same week. There will be an interview and students chosen have to re-apply each term. We shall only accept a certain number of applicants each term. A police check is required by all people accepted to the energy exchange program.

The Trade: You are welcome to take 1 course per term in exchange for your help with cleaning and maintenance duties. The course has to be running with a minimum of 4 students, excluding you. You are responsible for any 'material fees' associated with the course. You are also responsible for providing your own additional materials; for example, painting surfaces, paints, clay, brushes, silver (for jewellery course), and any other supplies that the teacher indicates on their material lists. Pottery students are required to purchase clay that covers the cost of glazes and firing.

The Tasks: You will be asked to sweep and mop the floors, vacuum carpets, dust and wipe down store front items and surfaces, clean chalk boards, wash windows, clean counters, sinks and bathrooms, including toilets, and various other cleaning tasks. We expect you to have a strong initiative to seek out new tasks if you complete everything early.

To read about our Energy Exchange Program and to download our policy, please click here.