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Energy Exchange Program

The Energy Exchange Program is open to students 14 years of age and older who would like to trade their time for a course. As part of the Energy Exchange Program, students will be asked to either volunteer their time in a specific course that needs an assist or work the equivalent amount of hours each week doing maintenance work and cleaning. In exchange for the hours of cleaning/volunteering, you are welcome to take one course, in the same term, for free.

For assisting we ask that you commit to attending all classes of the designated program. This will ensure consistency and ensure instructors are supported when needed.

For help with maintenance of the school, we ask that you commit to cleaning for 10 weeks (Fall and Winter Terms) or 8 weeks (Spring Term); Beginning the week the classes starts and ending the week classes are over. The cleaning shifts may be either 2-3 hours one day a week or two 1-1.5 hour shifts (depending on your chosen class). We expect you stick to the schedule that we establish. If for any reason you have to miss a shift, you are expected to make it up at another time during the same week.

There will be an interview and students chosen have to reapply each term. We shall only accept a certain number of applicants each term. A police check is required by all individuals 18+ accepted to the energy exchange program.

The Tasks

You may be asked to assist in a specific program to aid an instructor with any processes or procedures associated with that course.

Individuals will be required to attend all classes of this designated class. Or you may be asked to help maintain the cleanliness of the Art School of Peterborough. You will be asked sweep and mop the floors, vacuum carpets, dust and wipe down storefront items and surfaces, clean chalkboards, wash windows, clean counters, sinks and bathrooms, including toilets, and various other cleaning tasks.

We expect you to have a strong initiative to seek out new tasks if you complete everything early.

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