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Kids artwork on display.

COVID-19 Protocol for Summer Camps

Camp Group Changes

  • There will be a max of 8 campers per studio, plus instructor and an instructor’s assistant.
  • If family members are registered in the same camp they will be grouped together for the week.
  • All Staff will wear a mask. Protective glasses will be worn when social distancing cannot be achieved, when interacting with campers.
  • Campers are required to wear facemasks at all times; social distancing will be strongly encouraged between campers.
  • Camps will remain in one secluded studio space all week long. We have 3 separate units with three separate entrances and bathrooms.
  • We will still offer after hour care, though this time it will be with their instructor in their designated studio and not at the front office.
  • Campers will be dropped off from 8:30am till 9:00am at one of the doors to our 3 units. Information and instructions will be emailed out prior to the camp start date. We ask that you maintain social distancing when dropping off and picking up. There maybe a line up ahead of you please remain patient we making sure everyone is healthy to attend each day and they have all of their belonging upon departure.
  • Communication for parents will still be done with our office. You will receive emails and phone calls as needed. Unfortunately for parent there will be little face-to-face interaction. If we need to communicate with you, we will do so with a phone call. We ask that you do the same. Our receptionist at the desk will relay all message to appropriate individuals.

Pick up/ Drop off Procedures

  • Unfortunately parents this year will not be allowed in the building. They will remain outside to say their goodbyes and we will bring the campers to you at pick up when you arrive.
  • Drop off time will remain 8:30-9:00 am, Pick up will be between 4:00 – 4:30 pm. After hours care is still available from 8am -5:15pm $10/day
  • If you need to get to work early please come at 8:30am to get ahead of the line up. If you are picking up early, please call our office and let us know, or let us know in the morning at drop off.
  • Upon arrival every morning you will be greeted by your child’s Instructor or Instructor’s assistant. We are required to ask the following questions and will take your child’s temperature. If a temperature is detected or they answer yes to any of the questions below they will not be able to enter into The Art School of Peterborough. All information will be recorded along with the date and time. We ask that you pre-screen daily with these questions at home before coming to camp.

Covid-19 Daily Pre-screening Questions before Drop off to Camp will be communicated to campers prior to each week of camp so up to date information/ questions are given.

Studio Changes

  • Each Camper will have their own set of cleaned supplies at their desk and will remain there all week long. (Pencil, eraser, pencil sharpener, ruler, scissors etc.). Shared materials will be disinfected after ever use. Each week all supplies will be disinfected.
  • Each Camper will have their own table to work at. Each table is placed six feet apart from one another to maintain social distancing requirements. Campers will have this table for their entire week.
  • In the Pottery Studio, campers will be allotted wheels and tables that are six feet apart. They will be given their own water container for the week and own sponge. Sponges will be thrown out after every week. Slip will be given to each student in throw away containers and it will be thrown out after each week. Shared pottery tools will be cleaned/disinfected daily.

Cleaning Protocols

  • Door handles, light switches and high traffic surfaces will be cleaned at least twice a day to maintain government protocols.
  • Bathrooms will be cleaned/disinfected at least twice a day and will be handles will be sprayed down after every use. Campers will be required to sanitize their hands before entering the washroom, wash their hands for the allotted 20 seconds in the washroom after using the facility and then sanitize after exiting the washroom.
  • All surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected after each activity and before snack and lunch.

Lunch/Snack Time

  • Lunches will be eaten at the park (weather permitting). This will be at the discretion of the instructor each day. Please send a small towel/blanket for campers to sit on. Morning and afternoon snacks will take place inside on the other half of their table in the studio. Outside time may happen twice a day depending on the weather.
  • We will venture to Millennium Park for green space to eat lunch at.
  • Group games will continue though we will be selective as to which games allow us to remain 6 ft apart.

Services/Activities we can no longer offer

  • We will no longer be able to offer the water cooler as a refill station. Plastic cups will not be readily available, so please send water bottles. If students run out they will refill with the city tap water.
  • We can no longer offer our aprons to our campers. We ask that the children come in old clothes or bring their own larger t-shirt to put on when needed.
  • We can no longer host our Friday Afternoon Art Show, though we encourage that happen at home once camp is finished.
  • We can no longer offer and serve cake and juice to our campers. We are looking at safer alternatives to celebrate our last day at camp.
  • We can no longer offer our games and toys at snack and lunchtime. We cannot guarantee the safety of this. We will resort to reading a book to the group to fill any gaps between projects/ or a quiet paper activity at your desk or a seated group game. Please do not bring any toys from home. They are restricted.

Pre-Camp Prep

  • We encourage you to have a conversation with your child about how different it may be to them upon arrival. We will be wearing masks and possibly eye protection, and parents can’t enter with them. If they are previous campers, they will recognize faces and employees. We won’t be able to receive hugs, but will do everything in our power to come up with new fun way to connect with your children.
  • Items you will need this summer for Art Camp: Sunscreen, Hat, Water bottle, Old T-shirt for getting messy, towel for park, change of clothes (just in case) and Masks. Medical forms will still be required upon arrival on Monday morning. These will be emailed out to you a week prior to your camps start date.

While our camp will look different again this summer, we assure you we are doing everything to keep our students and staff safe. Creativity can happen even with all of these restrictions! The quality of our projects and instructor will not differ. We will celebrate each masterpiece and bond with your child(ren) throughout the week. We are once again up for the challenge this year, and expect wonderful creative masterpieces to unfold each week.

Jenni Johnston
Executive Director, The Art School of Peterborough

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