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Miguel Hernandez Autorino bio photo

See Miguel Hernandez Autorino's art in our LAUNCH Gallery.

Miguel Hernandez Autorino

Artist  // School Instructor  // Launch Gallery Artist

Venezuelan artist and designer who immigrated to Canada in 2014. Since settling in Canada, he continues to pursue his love of creating art. Currently, he is a member of the board of directors for the Art School of Peterborough. Art represents life to him. It is his passion and his escape to a perfect place. The pieces he creates are filled with deep nostalgic messages and experiences that have changed his life and made Miguel who he is today.

Miguel's work branches in three different areas: The first is an oil painting - where he tries to achieve what he called an “isolated realism,” focusing on simple images and feelings but leaving behind extra details around the subject matter. The second is drawing and illustration - mainly using pencil and charcoal. The third is designing and painting murals for organizations around the community.

Whether he does a painting, drawing or mural, his art is an extension of  Miguel's sensitivity and perception of the world.

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