the LOVE art and show

LAUNCH is looking for works that reflect the theme of LOVE in all its meanings.
Please bring us your works and fi lled out application form January 17 - 31 during office hours (Tuesday-Friday 10am-5pm and Saturday 10 am-3 pm). All submitted works must be identified on the back with:
name of artist, title and price.
All works will be accepted, however the Director of the Art School of Peterborough will select works most suitable for the show, and based on available wall space.
Work not selected for the initial hanging will be held to replace sold work in the show.

The artist determines the asking price for the works submitted. Revenue of sales will be divided 50/50 between the artist and the Art School of Peterborough.

The exhibition is open to all artists living in Ontario.
• The works must fit the theme.
• All works must be original; no copies, derivatives, or based in any way on other copyrighted or published paintings, photographs or other artistic work. They must be entirely the work of the entrant, executed without the supervision of an instructor.
• We accept all media.
• Maximum of 6 entries per artist.
• All works must be dry and ready for display.
• Two-dimensional work must be suitably framed and wired.
• Artists are encouraged to have their own insurance as LAUNCH/the Art School of Peterborough is not responsible for loss or damage of artworks for the duration of the exhibit.
The artist, by submission of entry, grants LAUNCH and the Art School of Peterborough the right to photograph accepted work for publicity, educational and reference purposes. No entry may be withdrawn
once it has been accepted. No entry may be removed from the exhibition until after the closing date of February 27, 2016.
LAUNCH/the Art School of Peterborough will not be responsible for any uncollected works after March 4, 2016.
Important dates
January 17 - 31, 2016 — Submit work
February 3 — Opening reception 6 to 9 pm
Show & Sale continues to February 27
Feb 28 to March 4 — Pick up artworks and collect cheque for sold works

Download the full application: Love Art 2017 Application