Richard Hayman Mentorship Scholarship

Attention Emerging Career Oriented Artists ages 17 and older

The class, Ideas and Practices in Contemporary Art*, is hosting the recipients of The Richard Hayman Mentorship Scholarship. It is a program designed to help emerging artists develop their creative skills, a body of work, as well as knowledge of contemporary art practices. It will also help artists produce portfolios for university/college application, learn about the gallery system and submission to art galleries, as well as applying for grants.

2 artists will be chosen each year to participate in this program, beginning in our fall term in September, and running until the end of March the follow year. Tuition and art supplies will be awarded to each participating artist.

Interested applicants should submit:
  • Brief cover letter containing personal contact information (including email address).
  • Letter of Intent: explain what kind of career you wish to pursue in the visual arts, and what your goals and interests are.
  • 10 – 20 examples of your work in slide format, on CD, or as a portfolio of original work. When submitting photographs of your work be sure that the image is of good quality and represents the work well. All submissions will be returned to applicants.
Deadline for submission: July 15th, 2016

Short-listed applicants will be interviewed thereafter.

Submit to:

The Art School of Peterborough
178A Charlotte Street
Peterborough, Ontario
K9J 2T8
Attn: Richard Hayman Scholarship Program

The Art School of Peterborough's Richard Hayman Youth and Adult Bursaries

The Art School of Peterborough's Richard Hayman Youth and Adult Bursaries are intended for children, youth and adults who have an interest in art but are unable to pursue extracurricular art classes due to financial constraints.

The Art School of Peterborough's Richard Hayman Bursaries:
  • provides youth with access to the resources, of the school, that will promote exploration of creative opportunities that might not otherwise be available to them;
  • introduces individuals, who require financial assistance, to experiences in a variety of media and methods, to assist them in developing artistically.

The Art School is now accepting nominations for The Art School of Peterborough's Richard Hayman Youth and Adult Bursaries. Organizations and school personnel are invited to nominate youth for the opportunity to participate in a 10-week course, and/or our summer camps,* at the Art School of Peterborough, in the Arcade of Charlotte Mews. The bursary covers the cost of tuition, art supplies, and bus fare if necessary.

Youth qualifying for this bursary:
  • must be of 2** to 19 years of age;
  • have expressed, and/or demonstrated, an interest in the visual arts;
  • would not have access to art classes without the support of the Art School and the bursary.
Adults qualifying for this bursary:

Please contact the Art School of Peterborough for further information about Adult Bursaries.

To nominate someone, submit the following to the Art School of Peterborough:
  • Completed Nomination Form;
  • Letter outlining why you think this person should receive the bursary.
Deadline for receipt of Nomination forms for the:

Fall Courses - August 1st
Winter Courses - January 1st
Summer Art Camps - June 1st

Youth Nomination Form

Adult Nomination Form

*Summer Art Camps are appropriate for ages 6-12.

**For the Creative Tots' Class, ages 2-5, each student must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.