LAUNCH Gallery at The Art School of Peterborough

Come explore our new storefront and gallery space!
The gallery space exhibits work from local artists, instructors and students in frequently changing shows.

Our store offers pieces of art and high end craft from regional artists, including;

Anne Cavanagh, Brianna Gosselin, Bronson Smith, David Baker, Gail West, Jenni Johnston, Karen Hjort-Jensen, Lisa Martini-Dunk, Lizz Charchuk, Lucya Almeida, Lucky Jackson, Lucy Manley, Maia Heissler, Megan Ward, Paul Nabuurs, Rebecca Padgett, Roz Hermant, Sandy MacFarlane, Sarah Crane, Shannon Taylor, Sharon Taylor, Stephen Snider, Susan Taylor-Stevenson, Victoria Wallace

We are open from Tuesday to Friday from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm, Saturday 10:00 am - 3:00 pm, and are located at 174A Charlotte Street.

If you are interested in selling your creative work at LAUNCH, please send an email to with a brief bio and 3-4 examples of your pieces.

Featured Artists of the Month

Each month we featured a different gallery artist. During this time, LAUNCH gallery will have a large feature of their work in the space.
We invite you to come visit us and discover each artist!

Click names below for more information about upcoming or past featured artists.

September - Board of Directors

October - Brianna Gosselin

November - Elizabeth Charchuk

December - Collective

January - Jenni Johnston

February - Lucy Manley

March - Megan Ward

April - Anne Cavanagh

May - Paul Nabuurs

June - Christine Baayen

July - Dwayne James