Featured Artist - July

Dwayne James

Watercolour artist and author Dwayne R. James lives in Peterborough, Ontario where he writes and paints as often as he can - that is, when he's not spending time with his young daughter, toddler twin boys, and his very forgiving wife.
Dwayne has a Masters Degree in archaeology. With no formal art training, Dwayne has always preferred the self-guided, experimental approach. In fact, he taught himself how to illustrate archaeological artifacts while completing his Master's degree at Trent University.
Dwayne had played with watercolours a little in his life, but it has only been in the last few years that he truly began to experiment and develop his style. An avid paddler and wilderness nut, it's natural that most of Dwayne's paintings should reflect this passion.

Visit our Launch Gallery and witness his creations in person.