Featured Artist - February

Lucy Manley

Oil Painting is Lucy Manley's favourite medium. She use it to capture the landscape in hopes of revealing the beauty she sees. Approaching the landscape head-on: painting on location or ‘plein-air’, offers this opportunity. Plein-Air simply means to paint in the open air or outside. It allows her to express her feeling and emotion by interpreting in paint what she sees around her.

Simply speaking ‘She paints where She is’, looking to find subject matter with strong impact, such as old buildings, things with a bit of character, and then working quickly to record interesting effects of light on her subject before conditions change throughout the day. Bold use of colour heightens the visual impact of each painting and loose, rapidly executed brushstrokes capture moment-by moment impressions of what is before her canvas.

The results can be fresh and spontaneous, but with enough depth to allow finding something new in the paintings each time they are viewed.

Visit our Launch Gallery and witness her creations in person.