Featured Artist - January

Jenni Johnston

Jenni Johnston is a Canadian oil painter who studied visual arts from Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto. She took part in the Florence, Italy off-campus program in her final year, graduated with Honors in Drawing and Painting.

Jenni currently lives and is an avid member of the arts community in Peterborough, Ontario. She is part of The Art Gallery of Peterborough’s permanent collection. Jenni is also the Executive Director of our not-for-profit organization, The Art School of Peterborough. There she teaches a variety of mediums to adults and youth.

Overall her work investigates the residue of the human lifestyle. The simple still life interiors, which she depicts, shows traces of everyday life that references the absent individual(s). Their presence is solely depicted symbolically by objects. This is a common thread that has been woven through most of her work. With the suggestion of the absent individual(s), through objects, she creates figurative work without using human subjects.

Come visit out Launch Gallery and see Jenni's creations first hand.