SandyMacFarlane_InstructorsPhotoLargeSandy MacFarlane
Jewellery Artist

Perhaps I felt accustomed to metal working from my early years, watching my uncle in the blacksmith shop on the Manitoulin farm, or my dad, always fixing something in his basement workshop. It seemed a normal activity, and the idea that I could make pretty things too, made it even more interesting.

But it was many years later that I first explored making metal jewellery while living in Europe. I was intrigued by the exceptional designs and quality of European goldsmiths. To me their pieces looked like tiny works of art... and so my fascination began.

I began to explore my interest in making jewellery in more depth. I studied jewellery arts at the Haliburton School of the Arts, completing my certificate in 2005, then started up my home studio.


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