elizabethElizabeth Charchuk
Elizabeth (Lizz) Charchuk is a young self-taught artist driven by surreal and psychedelic passions, drawing from anthropological influences. Working in many mediums, from clay to canvas, however her work is most often made with acrylic paints or mixed media. Born in Peterborough, Ontario, she has entertained a quiet small town lifestyle. After her graduation from high school in 2012, Lizz was immediately hired at The Art Gallery of Peterborough. She began with installing exhibitions, administrative tasks, and instructing art activities with local school tours. Shortly after that she began instructing art classes at The Art School of Peterborough in 2014. When Lizz is not teaching classes, she is hard at work in her home studio, often collaborating with other artists. Lizz's work is heavily influenced by the chaos that encompasses all life. A common motif in her work is the representation of death and time in form of the human skull. Beyond that, Lizz prides herself in her ability to imagine and expand a story behind every canvas and to infuse her work with a tiny piece of her being. She is teeming with passion to share with any and all willing to participate.
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