Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the legal authority for the The Art School of Peterborough.
As a member of the Board, a director acts in a position of trust for the Art School and is responsible for the effective governance of the organization.
Members of the Board of Directors are collectively responsible for the governance, strategic direction and financial sustainability of The Art School of Peterborough.

Meet our Board of Directors, all who are passionate about both the arts and our school.

Jenni Johnston

Executive Director


Jenni Johnston is a Canadian oil painter who studied visual arts from Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto. She took part in the Florence, Italy off-campus program in her final year, graduated with Honors in Drawing and Painting.

Kris Sieber



Driven by his lifelong love of art and creativity, Kris joined the board to support the love, education and growth of art in PTBO.
"I've been a lifelong and evolved that love into a multifaceted design career. I am currently the principal of Medallist Design, a sport-centric design company."

Trudy Nisbett



"My background has been in education, as a Teacher, Consultant, Vice Principal, Principal and Superintendent of Schools. I’ve worked for the Peterborough Board of Education, Simcoe County Board of Education, and the Durham District School Board.

I believe in the existence of The Art School of Peterborough as it plays an important role in the lives of all people, from childhood to seniors of all ages."

Marcia Watts



Marcia Watts has been involved with the Art School for many years after taking a variety of art classes and participating in our annual fundraisers.


Jason Wilkins


Jason joined the board with intent on having a hand in the direction of the school's future. His goals are to offer insight, opinions and most importantly be a "hands on" member of the working board.

"Im a 2001 graduate of illustration at Sheridan college. I work as an illustrator and caricature artist. Clients include; Kraft Food, Crayola, Telus Mobility and Pizza Hut"

Lisa Martini-Dunk


Lisa is a passionate artist which lead her to serving on the board and help shape the future of the Art School.

Her company, Limmaginaria, allows for the blending of creative visual expression and words. Lisa manages this with traditional media like printmaking, acrylic paint and scratchboard, as well as modern-day digital methods.

Dan Duran


Dan Duran plays an active role in the cityof Peterborough and has an interest to help shape the arts community for future generations.

Pete Froggat


Pete was inspired to join the board for he wish to contribute to the future growth of the art school.

Pete Froggatt is a R.G.D. and works at Siemens Milltronics in Peterborough as a Designer/Illustrator. He has experimented with many mediums, most of his commissions have been portraits in oils and detailed architectural pen and inks.

Sharon Taylor


Sharon Taylor has been an instructor at the Art School for several years, sharing her love for art to her students. She joined the board with the intent of helping the art school to flourish.

This could be you!

Join our team today.


Interested In Joining The Board?

Working with The Art School of Peterborough is a stimulating experience. You’ll build great friendships and professional contacts, expand your knowledge of the Kawartha’s creative community and charitable sector, and gain invaluable experience with an active not-for-profit.

Volunteer Board and Committee Members are required to be active participants, preferably people who can contribute beyond the minimum expectations noted below. As we seek nominations, here are a few things you’ll want to consider:

• Attend and actively participate in monthly board meetings. This is the one time each month we collaborate, brainstorm and make strides on critical issues. The board meets on a Wednesday of each month from 6pm – 8pm. Every board member is also encouraged to sit on at least one committee.

• Attend and actively participate in committee meetings. Current committees include: Event /Fundraising committee, Marketing & Communications, Volunteer Recruitment. Committees meet monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly for 1 to 1.5 hours. Participation as a committee member requires you to attend committee meetings as well as complete tasks as required by the committee.

• Attend and be actively engaged in The Art School of Peterborough’s events. Our annual schedule includes several community events: Annual Art Auction, Art-a-thon, Annual Members show and Student End of Term shows. These are just a sampling of the community events we do!

• Actively participate in growing the assets of The Art School of Peterborough.

• Advocate for The Art School of Peterborough. Spread the word of the work we do. Promote The Art School's events and initiatives.

• Act on the responsibilities and requests given to you. This can be as simple as replying to an email or as involved as planning an event or campaign. But most importantly, we need you to be reliable and responsive.

Specific areas of need:
• Grant Writing
• Marketing and Communications
• Fundraising
• Accounting
• Policy writing

Submit your name: Please submit your name for consideration to The Art School of Peterborough.

Please include the following (only) with your submission:

Letter of interest: Please keep this letter to one page or less, and within the letter answer the following questions:

• What is your motivation for wanting to become involved with the Community Foundation?
• What skills and/or experience do you have that would support your involvement within one or more of our areas of need?
• Why is now a good time for you to become involved with the Community Foundation?

Resume: In addition to the standard information provided on a resume, please ensure you outline groups or organizations you are currently involved with or have you been involved with in the past, and the nature of your involvement (board member, committee, event volunteer etc.).

References: Please include the contact information for two personal references, and include references from previous non-profit board and/or committee work, if available.

Have questions? Contact Jenni Johnston, Executive Director, at 705-742-3221. We will also gladly arrange for you to have a conversation with an existing board member if you would find this helpful.

Download: Board Application

Download: Volunteer Board and Committee Member Nominations

Download: BOARD MEMBERS–A Profile